Lawson Noble

Managing Director

I am the founder and CEO of NVA Video Analytics, a company that transforms emerging science into profit-generating tools for the transport and security industries. With over 25 years of full-time experience in the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) industry, I have a deep and broad knowledge of the market, the technology, and the customer needs.

My core competencies are vision, persuasion, and experience.

Graduating in Computer Science, I grew Io Research, a computer graphics hardware company to a turnover of over £3m in the 1980s and later on founded CitySync which went on to become a world-leader in the fast growing ANPR industry before being sold to a US company in a deal worth $10m.

My passion for video and image analytics has not wavered and I lead NVA by innovation and determination, aiming to once more become the most successful and versatile ALPR player in the world.

I am passionate about creating solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability for our clients and partners. I enjoy trawling the latest research and developments in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and embedded systems, and applying them to real-world challenges. I also value collaboration and trust, and I strive to build long-lasting relationships with my team, my customers, and my peers.

My hobbies include photography and chess which merge imaging with logic.  Hang on, that’s what ANPR does!