Direct ZatPark reporting option from within the NVA ALPR Application

February 13, 2024

NVA are pleased to announce the addition of a direct reporting option to connect the NVA ALPR application running on board suitable CCTV cameras to ZatPark’s parking management system.

The “ZatPark” button is a one-click reporting option that uses a predefined JSON template for easy connection to Zatpark’s back office and helps parking operators and installers get up and running as soon as the NVA ALPR camera has been installed on site so that minimal revenue is lost during installation.

NVA’s ALPR application not only reports the licence plate image and text but can also report the vehicle’s make, model, colour and classification. E.g. car, bus, motorcycle, van etc. with reads being sent to more than one endpoint making it suitable for security and access control as well as parking applications.

ZatPark offers a comprehensive suite of SaaS enforcement management solutions designed to  simplify complex parking and environmental process management. It includes tools for the entire life cycle of parking enforcement data management, from issuance to recovery, and integrates with existing parking management systems.

ZatPark’s platform provides features like automated workflow management, mobile enforcement via Zatmobile, virtual permit issuance through Zatpermit, and environmental enforcement with  Zatenviro. Additionally, it offers various integrations and add-ons for enhanced efficiency and control over parking operations. For more detailed information, visit their website at

If you would like more details on NVA’s ZatPark interface then contact us here.