NVA’s advanced ALPR software on Hanwha Cameras

March 6, 2024

This month sees the launch of NVA’s advanced ALPR software on Hanwha Cameras. The on-board ALPR App has been developed to not only run on Hanwha’s Wisenet 7 range but also on the new P Series AI Bullet cameras which utilise the Ambarella CV2x SoC (System-On-Chip) range of processors.

The Wisenet 7 variant features very high accuracy ALPR along with vehicle direction reporting and runs on models such as the XNO-6123R which has a 62mm zoom lens enabling plates to be read at up to 42m in daylight.

The P Series variant also features Make, Model and Colour recognition as well as vehicle Class ( Car, Bus, Van, Mini-Van, SUV, Pickup, Truck, Motorcycle ) making it invaluable for traffic monitoring applications.  The software will automatically detect and report the country of origin of each licence plate, a must-have feature when operating across borders.

On-Board Processing Speeds are impressive making it suitable for a range of applications from Parking to Motorway traffic monitoring and control.

Hanwha’s new PNO-A9311R model features a 214mm zoom lens making licence plates readable at an incredible 270m range.   Nighttime range can be increased to match this by supplementing the IR slight source.

The CV22’s efficient video encoding and integrated neural network acceleration help the NVA algorithms to identify license plates with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

NVA’s on-board ALPR software allows the camera to store thousands on captured licence plates before transmitting them to multiple end-points.   Reporting options are always being expanded and include XML, JSON, FTP, TCP Server, TCP Client, Wisenet WAVE and also control of the camera’s on-board relays via an alarm function.  Here you can trigger one of the camera’s relays to open a barrier of sound an alarm if the plate is in a watch list. ( 2 supported on-board).

Also included is Genetec Integration and many more.

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