NVA’s Car Park Multi-Tenant Occupancy

April 24, 2024

All versions of NVA’s ALPR Software have a direct interface to the powerful Helix Back Office.  Hundreds of remote ALPR cameras can be configured to send data and images to Helix in real time where they are stored in a secure SQL database for processing and review.

Helix can be used to group cameras into car parks and remotely control barriers to allow vehicles in and out using lists or authorisation rules limiting the number of vehicles allowed in by the car park’s preset capacity.

A powerful additional feature allows management to set up groups of vehicles;  so for example a shared car park could have several tenants, each having their own allocation of spaces.
When tenant A has used up their allocation then no more cars belonging to tenant A will be allowed in until their count decreases again, – but at the same time continuing to grant access to other tenant’s vehicles.

Helix Grafana is also included which can be used to visualise the incoming ALPR data and monitor each tenant’s occupancy.   If data needs to be extracted then a comprehensive HTTP REST API is available which allows users to connect their own data and systems such as booking software.

Have a look at this video from a recent project: https://youtu.be/rZ2tIrUFuYw?feature=shared

If you would like more details on NVA’s Car Park Management options then contact us here.