On-Camera ALPR

NVA’s highly accurate On-Camera ALPR Engine runs exclusively on selected Hanwha camera models

NVA On-Camera ALPR Engine Key Features

  • Runs at the edge on board selected Hanwha cameras to reduce bandwidth*
  • Easy to install and configure using a web-based GUI
  • Reads licence plates in multiple regions including: EU, USA & Middle East
  • Reads plates across 1 or 2 lanes
  • Day night operation for 24 hour monitoring
  • Recognises plates at extreme angles
  • Recognises damaged, tampered with or partial plates
  • Plates are captured at speeds from stationary to high speed
  • User definable Allow/Deny lists can operate camera relays
  • NVA ALPR transmits plate results and relevant metadata in real time
  • Transmits both full screen images and smaller plate patch images
  • Supports multiple output protocols including: XML & JSON
  • Fully supports the Wisenet WAVE VMS
  • Uses include parking, access control, security, traffic and law enforcement

* Contact NVA Video Analytics for details

Want to test NVA’s On-Camera ALPR Software?

Click here to register with NVA and remember to include the exact Hanwha model that you will be using. A link will be sent to you by email and you can use it to download the software and manual.

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